By Amit Kumar


By Amit Kumar

By Amit Kumar

Revealing secrets of the success Thomas Alva Edison once said that “Success needs 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” This is indeed true about entrepreneurship. Now a days it has become a source of zeal and killer – instinct among youth and they love to do something new to make their presence in the world of innovative ideas, distinction and total knockout. In this article we will find out that what a true entrepreneurial journey is precisely. Continue reading

Nidhi Sekhon

Power of Art

Nidhi Sekhon

Nidhi Sekhon

Written by: Nidhi Sekhon

Imagine the favourite corner of your house where you like to read, to contemplate or to just sit. It could be your balcony with planters, a chair beside a window, a special wall in your favourite colour or the favourite painting. Your affinity to these places is simply because the aura that you emanate gets complemented here with similar invisible energies. The space here helps you to meet with your mindful self that gets rejuvenated and fertile with creative ideas to take on the day as it comes. Continue reading

collage art campaign mehta art gallery varanasi

I AM AN ARTIST- Art Campaign

An art campaign done by the team of Mehta Art Gallery, Varanasi-India, to spread awareness among society that what actually artists think, through some beautiful quotes/line holding in their hands. Thanks to all lovely souls who participated in it.

Special thanks to our coordinators/Volunteers who done a great job throughout this art campaign:
Samiksha Singh (Photographer and painter), Rajani Pathak (Prefessional photographer), Anil K Dinkar (Professional photographer). Continue reading


Art Vs Vote: A big threat for the real Artists

MAGFar too often, I see posts and messages in my inbox demanding votes to score a win on many websites.  Participants and all their colleagues, friends and relatives on social websites demanding votes to make them win and trying to force us to be proud in their machinations. Those who are doing, unwisely think that they are supporting anyone.  In reality, they all are indulging in some wrong doing and manipulation in voting, this causes a corrosive, corruptness which affects the process and the artists specifically.

Continue reading


Painting Workshop: Punnu Lal Prajapati

Mehta Art Gallery, coming with a fabulous painting workshop on 25th of December, 2016, we created a team who finds creative people who have enormous character and still facing numerous difficulties in their life, our first finding is Artist: Punnu Lal Prajapati from Varanasi, a well and visionary artist. Don’t miss the chance and be the voice of his legendary journey.
Make them famous who deserves in reality. Join our move and lets achieve their dreams all together.
Venue: Mehta Art Gallery, front of Gramin Bank, Mahraulli, Varanasi-221108
For all details regarding participation call at: +91-9956518670

Punnu Lal Prajapatu