Anjul Malviya - Copy

Anjul Malviya: Online Exhibition

Artist: Anjul Malviya

Artist: Anjul Malviya

By Profession I am a Fashion Designer and had privilege of working with an international brand in the initial stage of my career. However I have a great inclination towards colorful world of paintings since an early age, so I started exploring my interest being a self- taught artist. Continue reading

Sanjay Halder online exhibition - Copy

Sanjay Halder: Online Exhibition

Artist: Sanjay Halder

Artist: Sanjay Halder

I work from my subconscious mind, daily life doesn’t appeal me very much; I tend to live in a world of my own.  My painting processes, is like a baby developing in the womb of its mother.  It takes all the nutrition by its own.  My paintings create themselves. I just help them to develop, Instinctively I know what it need, it develops while I paint.

My Subjects have no limitations; it is like I have a door opened to the Instinctive (primeval) mind. Continue reading

Nidhi Sekhon

Power of Art

Nidhi Sekhon

Nidhi Sekhon

Written by: Nidhi Sekhon

Imagine the favourite corner of your house where you like to read, to contemplate or to just sit. It could be your balcony with planters, a chair beside a window, a special wall in your favourite colour or the favourite painting. Your affinity to these places is simply because the aura that you emanate gets complemented here with similar invisible energies. The space here helps you to meet with your mindful self that gets rejuvenated and fertile with creative ideas to take on the day as it comes. Continue reading

Abandoned Window 3 _2016_watercolour on paper_Rajat subhra bandopadhyay_14x22 inch )

Rajat Subhra Bandopadhyay: Online Exhibition

Artist:  Artist Rajat SubhraRajat Subhra Bandopadhyay

Born and raised in Steel City, Jamshedpur, I developed a fascination for painting at the age of 12. I went on to pursue Arts and graduated from Govt College of Arts & Crafts (GCAC), Kolkata, India in 1990. I was chosen under the Young Artists Category for a West Bengal Government project by Tathya Kendra, Kolkata in 1986. My debut show was in 1994 at Chitra Kala Parishad, Bangalore where I participated in a group show of young artists. In 1996, I was a part of another group show at The Art Konsult, New Delhi.

Over the years, water colour has become my favourite art medium and now I explore it further and develop my own style, a unique style characterized by strong brush strokes that impart a sense of freedom of spirit. I am also experimenting with water colours on canvas which has been very unique and deeply appreciated by many.

Since my childhood, I have been attracted towards water colour which is considered to be one of the most challenging mediums to indulge in. Water colour remains my forte and my love and respect for nature has never wavered. I try to convey the beauty, majesty, and intelligence of nature’s creations through my brush strokes that are a mix of British School art and textured water colour.

My solo debut ‘Relate’ at Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi in 2011 was a joyous ensemble of trees, natural landscapes and experimental work exuding a vivid energy. “Universal Truths”, a group exhibition at Gallery Defence, New Delhi was explicitly bold and conveyed the rhythms in human anatomy along with the inherent rhythm of Mother Nature. I have been a part of the International Mask festival 2011 wherein over 300 contemporary artists spread across India had designed masks showcasing different cultures, ideologies and traditions as a way to celebrate human existence. I was one of the shortlisted winners at the ‘100 years of the City of Delhi’ held in 2012 at All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society (AIFACS), New Delhi.

Since 2011, I have participated in more than 20 group shows and had 5 solo shows. Some of my works are a privileged part in the Private Collection of hotels across India. I am based in New Delhi, India.

Continue reading

Manish Pandey online exhibition

Manish Pandey: Online Exhibition

Artist: Manish Pandey

Artist: Manish Pandey

Manish Pandey is a self-taught Freelance painter based out of Gurgaon, India with an innovative mindset to comprehend meaningful concepts to delve into creative depths and present the outcome on canvas.

My work has won International awards and has been exhibited in Art Galleries in Delhi, Bangalore & Gurgaon and other locations in India. Continue reading

mehta art gallery

Almighty Banaras- online exhibition

Almighty Banaras- online exhibition

Many people are requesting to see the painting’s photographs from outside Varanasi and India who not able to visit the gallery at the time of the exhibition when was going on due to distance, so the Mehta Art Gallery is organizing the online exhibition of “Almighty Banaras” for those who missed due to many reasons, though the feeling is different in actual and online but you can see the works. Many paintings already got sold, but if you like to buy any painting, kindly feel free to send your inquiry with painting photo at or call us at +91-9956-518-670, if that particular painting still available then it will be our pleasure to serve you.  Continue reading

collage art campaign mehta art gallery varanasi

I AM AN ARTIST- Art Campaign

An art campaign done by the team of Mehta Art Gallery, Varanasi-India, to spread awareness among society that what actually artists think, through some beautiful quotes/line holding in their hands. Thanks to all lovely souls who participated in it.

Special thanks to our coordinators/Volunteers who done a great job throughout this art campaign:
Samiksha Singh (Photographer and painter), Rajani Pathak (Prefessional photographer), Anil K Dinkar (Professional photographer). Continue reading


Art Vs Vote: A big threat for the real Artists

MAGFar too often, I see posts and messages in my inbox demanding votes to score a win on many websites.  Participants and all their colleagues, friends and relatives on social websites demanding votes to make them win and trying to force us to be proud in their machinations. Those who are doing, unwisely think that they are supporting anyone.  In reality, they all are indulging in some wrong doing and manipulation in voting, this causes a corrosive, corruptness which affects the process and the artists specifically.

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Artist: Kamal Krishna Chowdhury



A National Institute of fashion technology, textile design graduate having experience of more than 14 years with exposure of highly creative home furnishing products with creative display at international trade fairs.

Visited and participated in Mison ‘de object fair 2005 (Paris), Machef fair 2005 (Italy), Hemtextil 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2013, 2014(Frankfurt) & Index fair (Dubai) 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2009. Hongkong fair 2008. Continue reading