Art Gallery in Varanasi

Art Gallery in Varanasi or Banaras- Mehta Art Gallery:

“In the heart of the holy city of India and of the globe, the blessed Kashi, where you can see the numbers walk among people, where you can entrust all of your thoughts to the Lord of meditation, there is a new magic place now. The Mehta Art Gallery, run by Amit Kumar, is a gathering room where both pilgrims and inhabitants, tourists and travellers may enjoy a new dimension of sharing ideas. As everybody knows, Varanasi is sacred to the god Shiva, the Lord of dance and meditation. Meditation, indeed, is but a “dance of ideas”; and in this spirit the gallery is conceived like a “dance of shapes”, and the art as a kind of worship. All people who are always covetous of discovering new temples of art – connoisseurs, artists, gallerists and so on – are invited to visit this brand new Varanasian site, and to contribute by showing openly their impressions, suggestions and whatever else: Mehta Art Gallery works like an ashram family.”

We hope to see you at Mehta Art Gallery very soon.

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