Art Vs Vote: A big threat for the real Artists

MAGFar too often, I see posts and messages in my inbox demanding votes to score a win on many websites.  Participants and all their colleagues, friends and relatives on social websites demanding votes to make them win and trying to force us to be proud in their machinations. Those who are doing, unwisely think that they are supporting anyone.  In reality, they all are indulging in some wrong doing and manipulation in voting, this causes a corrosive, corruptness which affects the process and the artists specifically.

  • It’s simply begging for votes to get an empty win because they actually don’t have true confidence in their own art and creations.  That’s why this continues by amateur artists who claim to be a professionals.
  • This lame manipulation prevents the viewing public and other artists from seeing the real works of others who participate there.  Most voters don’t actually see or care about the work of that person.  They support friends’ work out of personal loyalty, not on the merits of the work itself.  This will continue to degrade the overall quality of art as votes are meted out on personalities, rather than the merits of the works of art.
  • The unfeeling face of politics is not fit to judge a painting.  More votes does not mean better art.  The political-art crowd is making this a filthy endeavour.
  • Participants who are in a race to get more and more votes for themselves often forget about their art, they are simply in a race to defeat another artist, often forsaking long-term growth in style and quality for the mere bauble of popularity.  This blind chase has led to polluting of art in their ignorance.
  • Artists has few demands for anything in this materialistic world, they just rely on supplies for their work and they are know then by seeing their work themselves.  A true artist need not force others to see their works.  A true artist will have his/her work sought out based on the merits of the work itself, not whose friend, brother, uncle, or aunt who voted for them.
  • Art and artists should be open and every artists has the full right to have their woks viewed in front of all, then people can judge and select best one which really deserves the acclaim: Not just by an artful hustler who just own some votes through some networks and with help of friends, colleagues or relatives.


Author: Amit Kumar Mehta