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Vijay kant Arya Lumbini World Peace Forum

Lumbini World Peace Exhibition

Works of artists from India who participated in Lumbini World Pece Forum Exhibition in Kathmandu, Nepal, 21-22 September, 2017

Amit Kumar Lumbini World Peace ForumArtist: Amit Kumar

Mobile: +91- 9956518670


Place: Varanasi, India

Title: Peace with Colors

Brief: We human lives with different colors which directly links with our thought process, both negative and positive thoughts always arises in every human being, but the main thing is that how a human can overcome from all negativity and live with all positive attitude with calm and peaceful mind. This work titled “Peace with Colors” depicts the same thought process of human that how we can concentrate even there are huge chaos surrounds us. I merge my deepest feelings in this work to show human emotion in every form with colors and Buddha face a symbol of love, peace and harmony. – Amit Kumar Continue reading

Moumita Ghosh

Review by Moumita Ghosh

Review on Kashi to Kathmandu Art Camp by Moumita Ghosh:

Moumita GhoshThe six day long art camp in Nepal organised by Mehta Art Gallery of Varanasi in collaboration with Nepal Lalitkala Manch, Lumbini World Peace Forum, supported by B.P. Koirala Foundation, Embassy Of Nepal, New Delhi, under the tag line of “Kashi To Kathmandu” was unique in its nature and extraordinary in its approach and execution. Being enough fortunate to be the integral part of a number of camps and exhibitions, the experience was not new but indeed of a different taste from my all other  artistic sojourn so far. Continue reading

Jaya Gaur

Observations of Artist Jaya Gaur

Observation on Kashi to Kathmandu art camp

Jaya Gaur

Artist Jaya Gaur

For some people paint is simply a material for others it is a holy book or a constitution but for me it a way to give expression to the instincts from my soul. Observations of Artist Jaya Gaur Painting is a language which I study and try to keep up with it. I struggle to speak it better. I am thrilled when I hear others speak it well. I love visiting different places like villages’ town cities and even countries where it is spoken with its full fluency. I get excited when I discover someone who is adding another layer to its tapestry of possibilities. Continue reading

Pinky Tripathi

Write-up by Artist Pinky Tripathi

Write-up on Kashi to kathmandu by Artist: Pinky Tripathi

Pinky Tripathi

Artist Pinky Tripathi

Kashi to Kathmandu, a creative oasis to a bowl shaped valley in central Nepal was a magical 6 days trip from 1st to 6th of August, 2017. I think getting to know previously undiscovered cultures is a captivating idea for anyone to create something and having greater access to the treasures of long-hidden places with an amazing experience. Art camp supports the talented artisans who are involved to keep their customs alive. That was really a true “win-win” situation when I was selected for this Art Camp. Continue reading


Experience of Anjum Malik

Experience of Anjum Malik (Kashi to Kathmandu Art Camp):


Artist Anjum Malik

Art is the only medium to exchange our thoughts and feelings with our creativity regarding our culture and traditions. Kashi to Kathmandu Art Camp was a great imitative taken by the Mehta Art Gallery to increase bond and love between the two countries under one roof. By meeting new artists from all over India and Nepal was an amazing experience and we exchanged lots the ideas and techniques of working with each other. I have learned and enjoyed by many artists with different work style and thoughts and visualized many new dimensions of life and same way reflections of art and paintings.Kathmandu,  the city as always known for its rich culture with Continue reading


A brief experience by Padmini Mehta

By Padmini Mehta on Kashi to Kathmandu art camp:


11692633_10204416908884170_3977505237309082027_nThe entry application / invite from Mehta Art Gallery for the art camp “Kashi to Katmandu” was a wonderful news, a pleasant surprise and a first ever kind of camp from my hometown, a great chance to visit a neighboring n friendly country, rich in art ,mythology, heritage history, enchanting panoramic beauty with range of mountain of great Himalaya and to  participate with artists of Varanasi and many more of other part of India and all together interaction  with Nepal’s senior artists. More like a dream come true. Continue reading

Artist Sukanya Garg

Memoir by Sukanya Garg

Memoir by Sukanya Garg on Kashi to Kathmandu art camp:

Artist Sukanya Garg

Artist Sukanya Garg

The Kashi to Kathmandu Art Camp was a jubilant experience, providing a platform to harmonize cross-cultural artistic talents. Being my first art camp, it was a great learning opportunity. Meeting people from various artistic disciplines and different regions of not just Nepal, but also India, I felt inspired by the new cultural elements and stories of other participants as well as the communications I had with the local Nepalese people. Visits to sights like the Pashupatinath Temple and the Boudhanath stupa urged me to self-introspect and to re-think the cycle of birth, life and death. While the funeral ghats evoked a feeling of loss and ephemeral of all life, the Stupa instilled a sense of continuum and calm. Continue reading


Glimpse of Kashi to Kathmandu Art Camp

Enjoy some moments of Kashi to kathmandu a cultural exchange art camp: (01st of Aug, 2017 to 06th of August, 2017) in association with Nepal Lalitkala manch and Lumbini World Peace Forum, supported by B.P. Koirala Foundation, Embassy of Nepal in New Delhi, India.

Artists participated from India: Amit Kumar (Varanasi), Anjum Malik (New Delhi), Ankita Sinha (Azamgarh), Dhirendra Sisodia (Varanasi), Jaya Gaur (Azamgarh), Moumita Ghosh (Kolkatta), Padmini Mehta (New Delhi), Pinky Tripathi (Varanasi), Satyabhama Majhi (Orissa), Sukanya Garg (New Delhi), Vijay kant Arya (New Delhi). Continue reading