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Pious Grace- A Cement Mural Work

Another project of Mural Artwork completed by Mehta Art Gallery mural team.
“Pious Grace”- A Cement Mural Work inspired with Gujrati Mural.
Layout and artwork work done by: Artist Shikha Patel and co-artists: Artist Neha Verma, supported by Amit Kumar
Special thanks to Garima ji for providing us a great space in her house at mahmoorgang, Varanasi and thanks to her whole family and staff for great care and love. 
Congratulations to all for this achievement and for this antique work.

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Mural Work by Mehta Art Gallery team

ABHINANADAN- Mural Artwork

Mural Artwork “ABHINANADAN”

Completed by Mehta Art Gallery Mural Team: Click here to know more about team and process

Theme: Welcoming a guest is as much an expression of man’s cultural sensitivities as his world-view.  Hence, each culture has its own way of welcoming a guest.  In Indian custom, it has been said that one should look upon a Guest as God verily.  It is based on the dictum given in Taittiriyo Upanishad (1.20 — Atithi Devo Bhava, “May the Atithi (guest) be God unto you.” Continue reading


Mural Artwork Project