By Amit Kumar


By Amit Kumar

By Amit Kumar

Revealing secrets of the success Thomas Alva Edison once said that “Success needs 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” This is indeed true about entrepreneurship. Now a days it has become a source of zeal and killer – instinct among youth and they love to do something new to make their presence in the world of innovative ideas, distinction and total knockout. In this article we will find out that what a true entrepreneurial journey is precisely.

Entrepreneurship and Struggle:

It is ordinarily believed that struggle is the core soul of entrepreneurship but the real fact is entrepreneurship means that you accept it because you are in love of something you have selected from the center of the inner and dense desire of yourselves and enjoy every moment whether it is good or bad. The person who seeks about comfort, luxuries and a certain predefined status concerned atmosphere should be far from this world of madness about work, achievements and goal because passion and courage is the main feature of entrepreneurship.

Passion and Happiness:

Entrepreneurship is actually a serious war of your passion which gives happiness to your inner feelings and gives continuity to the sense of satisfaction whatever you do. You never feel sad or negative and worry about future, you should have full confidence inside you that you have to live with your idea and make it great and useful for the society. As far as success is concerned it is not the essential and desirable part of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs should always focus on ideas to add more new aspirations of his subject into it. Every single breath of the life should be utilized to achieve the higher values of innovations and productivity.


An idea is actually a drop in the ocean. Can we imagine the existence of the ocean without the tiny drop of water. Ocean is nothing but a huge cluster of little water drops. Idea is also like a drop which resembles to the ordinary objects but in depth it may be a multinational company, a successful renowned artist, a world famous musician, a scholar or a great scientist. Isaac Newton never knew that a simple every day event of falling an apple on the ground would discover the theory of great thought of gravity. Madam Curie never speculated that her radium and polonium would be used in medicines and scientific explorations. Renowned artist Van Gogh never made his great masterpieces without any idea. So, in brief we can say that the tree is not certain but the seed.

Motivation and Encouragement:

No one knows you better than yourself. Someone has said that never shake hand with the negative people because their negative energy will transfer inside you unknowingly. You should be surrounded by the fresh minded, innovative and positive people who are able to do ovation to encourage yourself. We should be aware from the treachery of negativity and negative people. Motivation and encouragement is indeed a humus which can transform an ordinary seed into a grove.


 To discuss about your new thoughts and ideas with somebody is like to ignite your esteem to achieve certain goals of you life. It’s very important part of entrepreneurship to discuss your ideas with lots of people from which you can get lots of insights from which you can make your journey amazing and give chance and flame to your values and ideas.


If we are not capable to cross the river alone we usually build a bridge over it. In the same way in the modern times networking does what the bridge does for us. Networking is the greatest tools for any entrepreneurs which give you meet lots of new people and also let you know many other ideas and experiments done by other people. Networking help you to get your product viral in the market and give you desirable opportunity and distinction to launch yourself to many other places and also get chance to meet many investors and financial shelters you need at different level for your development.

Giving up:

The question of victory or defeat arises when you are in the war. You are struggling hard to find out the success. On the other hand if you leave the battle ground where is the question of victory or defeat. In that situation the only answer is certain defeat and nothing else. So, instinctively stick to your passion, churn your ideas and every effort to get what you once dream. After all we should always remember the great epic Mahabharat’s quotation said by the Lord Krishna to Arjuna, “You or anybody in this universe even I cannot stop the continuity of the action which have been doing since this universe came in to an existence. So, do your work without desiring the fruit because action is better than inaction.”