Experience of Anjum Malik

Experience of Anjum Malik (Kashi to Kathmandu Art Camp):


Artist Anjum Malik

Art is the only medium to exchange our thoughts and feelings with our creativity regarding our culture and traditions. Kashi to Kathmandu Art Camp was a great imitative taken by the Mehta Art Gallery to increase bond and love between the two countries under one roof. By meeting new artists from all over India and Nepal was an amazing experience and we exchanged lots the ideas and techniques of working with each other. I have learned and enjoyed by many artists with different work style and thoughts and visualized many new dimensions of life and same way reflections of art and paintings.Kathmandu,  the city as always known for its rich culture with sculptures, pagodas, stupas and place building of exceptional beauty. The art of Nepal, with a few exceptions is based on the religious themes taken from Buddhism and Hinduism. Art and architecture in the medieval period were advanced and much developed then current period. Bhaktapur is the great example of ancient techniques and architecture.

The last day was another moment, which I enjoyed a lot from within.  Lumbini World Peace Forum joined us with many Nepal artists, which was held on 6 august 2017, was a lovely opportunity for many artists of India and Nepal to enhance their thoughts and gain friendship from different countries like Nepal and France. At that moment sound of temple bells was melted in the air and mix the atmosphere with all the feel of peace and spirituality and the place was one of the pilgrims of Boudha, Buddhanath stupa. And the adventure was still not completed, entry of heavy rain made me amazed, I was enjoying that moment a lot.

“The smoke” title of my painting which I painted during the camp, the smoke of fire and the funeral, crying eyes of loved ones, to saw that pain I couldn’t stop myself to cry and couldn’t forget the scene. I had painted the landscape. The architecture of the Pashupatinath temple was different from Indian temple architecture so I found it interesting. And I also paint the smoke in it so the smoke depicted death and Antim-sanskar which made me realize the “value of life” and how the smoke fade away, we all disappear one day like that.

While this camp, all artists from Nepal were very caring and helpful.  And a special thank to my camp mates who helped me everywhere and last but not the least Mr. Amit Mehta ji, thank you for giving this great opportunity to take part in this camp and without reacting handle all the things in good manner.