Vijay kant Arya Lumbini World Peace Forum

Lumbini World Peace Exhibition

Works of artists from India who participated in Lumbini World Pece Forum Exhibition in Kathmandu, Nepal, 21-22 September, 2017

Amit Kumar Lumbini World Peace ForumArtist: Amit Kumar

Mobile: +91- 9956518670


Place: Varanasi, India

Title: Peace with Colors

Brief: We human lives with different colors which directly links with our thought process, both negative and positive thoughts always arises in every human being, but the main thing is that how a human can overcome from all negativity and live with all positive attitude with calm and peaceful mind. This work titled “Peace with Colors” depicts the same thought process of human that how we can concentrate even there are huge chaos surrounds us. I merge my deepest feelings in this work to show human emotion in every form with colors and Buddha face a symbol of love, peace and harmony. – Amit Kumar


Anjum Malik Lumbini World Peace Forum

Artist: Anjum Malik

Contact: +91- 9205326932


Place: New Delhi, India

Title: Belief

Brief: I truly believe from my childhood that there is only one concept of living and that is right or wrong. But who gave the correct decision that and on what parameters, we can say that is right or this is wrong. Everyone is right on their perceptions. Like if we say that a thief is wrong, but in what circumstances he ready to do this. So my painting is all about the circle of right and wrong. I use only white and black color in my work but I can’t say that white is depicting right doing or black is wrong. We are no one to categories color or nature. So our life is circulated by right and wrong doings. If we are right on our path so we always have peace in our lives. – Anjum Malik


Ankita Sinha Lumbini World Peace ForumArtist: Ankita Sinha

Contact: +91-7272091185


Place: Azamgarh, India

Title: Reflection of peace and make harmony

Brief: While working in Nepal lumbani I explored peace and harmony through my artistic skill and experience .I enjoyed every aspect with full enthusiasm and overwhelming heart. I conveyed the message of peace and harmony to the society, to the locals, to the Nation and to the world as well through my work .I followed this motto because our ethical duty is to maintain good faith and justice towards all nation and cultivate peace and harmony with all. Being an Indian ,I sculpted the belief of friendly relation of the countries. My art piece, reflecting the  the thought of ” Peace and Harmony” presents the national flag of both the Nations .My approach and philosophy is towards revelation , communication, transparency ,and celebration between these multiethnic countries which compliments and supplements each other. – Ankita Sinha


Dhirendra Sisodia Lumbini World Peace ForumArtist: Dhirendra Sisodia

Mobile: +91- 9415343175


Place: Varanasi, India

Title: Feel

Brief: When I reached Mahabodhi Temple, I experienced the joy of inner peace. The word “Hiroshima” in the camp was a horrible form in the mind of the human mind, people who still shudder to remember, this word has also influenced me! When I passed by that pain, my pigeon started dancing on the canvas, then I realized when Megha  start raining with love. By then my pain was shattered on canvas in the form of colors. – Dhirendra Sisodia


Jaya Lumbini World Peace ForumArtist : Jaya Gaur

Contact: +91- 8795835296


Place: Azamgarh, India

Title: Showering of Peace

Brief : In this painting I tried to depict the teaching of Buddha by means of Dove which is a universal symbol of peace of the deepest kind, it teaches us regardless of external circumstances the peace is always a touch away, it is flying high in the sky and scattering the message of peace to the world .As the clouds give the rain and make the land fertile for the crops so as the clouds  scatter the message of peace  with the flag of India and Nepal in its beak which symbolizes that both the countries are peace loving. I am impressed by the teaching of Lord Buddha and his Message of Peace, the green color of Lord Buddha symbolizes that we should save our enjoinment for our future generations. The stupas are spreading peace and harmony to the World. – Jaya Gaur


Moumita Lumbini World Peace ForumArtist: Moumita Ghosh

Contact: +91-9707324483


Place: Kolkata India

Title: 3P

Brief: Promoting peace against violence is not only our duty for humanitarian cause but also to contribute to our society and mankind  the sense of security in our own way, ,with our  own ability and desire.My painting  which can be named as” 3P”s– Prevent,Protest and Protect”  the mankind in order to promote and prevail everlasting peace.The red painted palms display ever-increasing violence and restlessness everywhere followed by incessant  brutality and inhumanity,which need to be stopped and discouraged vehemently by each of us.The symbols on the palms depict the peace amidst the violence and here  I, being influenced by the environment of the stupa, mostly used the Buddhist peace symbols. Undeniably Buddhism is the wide accepted peace promoting message all over I encouraged myself to use those symbols to bring  out the best of my effort to convey my message of peace to all through  my painting. –Moumita Ghosh


Padmini mehta Lumbini World Peace ForumArtist: Padmini Mehta

Mobile: +91- 9811180628


Place: New Delhi, India

Title: Universal Peace

The art  work in “Hiroshima Memorial Peace Art Camp” org by “Lumbini World Peace Forum” Kathmandu(Nepal) ,is an initiative of artist exchange program  and visual expression for the love, feeling of universal brotherhood ,peace and harmony especially during these turmoil period when the world is wrecked by hatred and mindless unnatural destruction.

The painting vividly expresses the desire of oneness. The contribution and teaching of saints from all religion in whole world and Maha Purushas  i.e. Budh, Gandhi ji, Jesus etc…who all stand for peace, non violence, truth, harmony and  sacrificed their life for the cause .

The color Blue is used as symbolic for openness, wideness and purity. Dove is universal messenger of Love and Peace for humankind. I believe as a participant, my expression in form of art successfully depicting the aim n motive of the camp. – Padmini Mehta


Pinky Tripathi Lumbini World Peace ForumArtist: Pinky Tripathi

Mobile: +91- 8770427107


Place: Varanasi, India

I am extremely fascinated by the Science hidden in Spirituality and Consciousness to explore the connection in between.  I believe in inner peace which is always attained from within, and not from any external sources, eventually proves that art from within is the only way to meet the self. My artwork entitled “Inner Peace and Harmony” where Harmony is the ability to be in peace represented by musical characters of heavenly sounds during Spiritual enlightenment. Watery effects to symbolize extreme purity and transparency as Divine holy feet raise our consciousness to come into close proximity of realization and ultimately bring us sense of much togetherness with Supreme Being. – Pinky Tripathi


Satyabhama majhi Lumbini World Peace ForumArtist: Satyabhama Majhi

Contact: +91-9438731542


Place: Bhubaneswar, Odisha ,India

Title: Peace and Harmony

Brief: This painting is about a sense where showcasing the harmony and peace, whether harmony holds its  aspect of gradation with the surrounding, and also How different narratives, things, history and actions comes from a singular anthropology and blends as a tone but still holds their singularity in a multiple layered composition.

The painting is about encountering with the harmony and peace with a thin single line on a mirror and also imagery is deals with the sense of reflection with an approach of existential. Multiple elements are like as stitching, pasting and paintings are there. Holding and indicating their individuality with a specific action.  -Satyabhama Majhi


Sukanaya Garg Lumbini World Peace ForumArtist: Sukanya Garg

Mobile: +91 9717444111

Place: New Delhi, India

Title: FANAA


“The yarn of my existence

Dyed in your essence

Fingers moving in a rhythm

Dancing to a silent melody

I chant to thee…

Consumed by this ephemeral moment

I seek to be eternally entwined with you

Lost I am

I weave my way to you

Alas, clothed in the fabric of your embrace”

FANAA, is an Urdu word used by Sufis to refer to an all-consuming love where the individual self is extinguished within the universal Self. My painting therefore is symbolic of this union between the mortal and the immortal realms. The poem on the painting describes the yearning, the journey, the anticipatory celebration and the final leap from being one to being whole. This merging of the individual into the infinite could be romantic, spiritual, or even suggest the symbiosis between the outer ego and the inner alter ego. -Sukanya Garg


Vijay kant Arya Lumbini World Peace ForumArtist: Vijay Kant Arya

Contact: +91-9312482093


Place: New Delhi, India

Title: Yatra

Brief: Yatra is a painted statement of a journey of greed, temptation, worldly attachments which transcend into the remorse, freedom, wisdom, purity and transparency of the soul.

The spiritual effluence through the musical chords which has been the prime source of the artist since his childhood and Aesthetic ambition is a driving force behind the completion of the Painting ‘Yatra’.

Spectrum of colored chords indeed is an effort of triumph to gain arduous result of philosophical fantasy as well as imaginative harmony through rhythmic sound of various instruments.

Kant’s decision is to synchronies the event of ancient epic story telling traditional style of India and on the way to ponder the spiritual duty as an artist. At this level of connoisseurship the artist has been so successful to translate his innermost emotive feelings into a visual creation of the painting ‘Yatra’. – Vijay Kant Arya