Nidhi Sekhon

Power of Art

Nidhi Sekhon

Nidhi Sekhon

Written by: Nidhi Sekhon

Imagine the favourite corner of your house where you like to read, to contemplate or to just sit. It could be your balcony with planters, a chair beside a window, a special wall in your favourite colour or the favourite painting. Your affinity to these places is simply because the aura that you emanate gets complemented here with similar invisible energies. The space here helps you to meet with your mindful self that gets rejuvenated and fertile with creative ideas to take on the day as it comes.

It is said that home is where the heart is and this heart is our deepest ocean of secrets, emotions, dreams and stories-said or unsaid. Indirectly our home, the physical abode of our heart becomes a canvas of an uninterrupted painting which thus gets colored in this ocean’s reflections. The colours that we choose to paint the walls with, the upholstery that we choose to drape or furnish with are our choices from this palette. This way we tend to create a small world of our own around us where we confine a whole spectrum of colours that derive their energies from the biggest energy source called LIGHT. Each colour stirs a special sensation in our mind, it affects us differently emotionally, physically and mentally.

Creativity makes the world go round. It is an articulation of our innate desire to express and assert our existence to the world around us. In addition to this it works on a pleasure principle of deriving joy from a creative process. Art as the widest realm of creativity, has a power to stimulate or calm the mind depending upon its state. People stare at the only dot on an otherwise blank canvas for hours together. It provides them a distraction, giving their brain a break from the usual thoughts. In a few rare instances, It may also take them to a mindful silence called-Bliss.

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”Pablo Picasso said it all in just one sentence. When we look at an art work it kindles our intelligence to look beyond the lines, colors and shapes, we start walking the same path that the artist had walked in his process for creating it. He brought a certain theme to life with his tools and insight. If the theme happens to be different from the world that we live in, it takes us to a different world altogether. And if the theme is similar to our life, we begin to see the inherent beauty in it that we could have otherwise missed in the absence of that work.