Moumita Ghosh

Review by Moumita Ghosh

Review on Kashi to Kathmandu Art Camp by Moumita Ghosh:

Moumita GhoshThe six day long art camp in Nepal organised by Mehta Art Gallery of Varanasi in collaboration with Nepal Lalitkala Manch, Lumbini World Peace Forum, supported by B.P. Koirala Foundation, Embassy Of Nepal, New Delhi, under the tag line of “Kashi To Kathmandu” was unique in its nature and extraordinary in its approach and execution. Being enough fortunate to be the integral part of a number of camps and exhibitions, the experience was not new but indeed of a different taste from my all other  artistic sojourn so far. The incredible experience of the art camp held in different venue like Pasupatinath Temple and the gallery of Bijay Maharajan,an eminent artist from Nepal were unconventional and outlandish in ther way of  the attainment of its end. Added to it, the visit to Boudhanath Stupa  for attending an art camp organised by Lumbini World Peace Forum was a pleasure and proud privilege to work for a noble l cause to monumentalize the incident of Hiroshima and  to pay tribute to its victim and at the same time opportunity to come across the artists from Nepal, India and France. Mehta Art Gallery also organised ” a day out” for us to the places of interest around. The name of an artist from Nepal Mr, Dipendra Banepali is worth mentioning for his cooperation and hospitality althrough. I like to convey my heartfelt thanks to Mehta Art Gallery for organising such a cultural exchange programme, Nepal embassy for providing the platform, Bijay Mahajana  for his hospitality and  providing the gallery to work in a vibrant artistic environment Lumbini World Peace Forum for their invitation which added an extra flavour to the entire experience.
My painting ” Baitarani, the journey to eternity” was nothing but a spontaneous outcome of my artistic instinct as I have changed my mind of painting something else as I reached the venue of workshop, the Pashupati temple in the bank of river Bagmati and enthralled by its ambience which awakened my sense of spirituality leading to the state of higher consciousness  and refined thought . The dead body lying on the “Bramha Bedi with his legs submerged in water to allow the soul to mingle with holy water left  a feelings of  disillusion towards the worldly life. My painting depicts the scene and my emotion with a paper boat dethatching and departing away from the lotus symbolised the journey of one’s soul to the eternity leaving behind his work, passion and all attachments with worldly life–the moksha. From other aspect I was also influenced by the state of reminiscence which dragged me to my childhood as I performed the last rites of my grandma to allow the paper boat to glide away in river with some coins in it as a mark of paying homage to the departed soul. Life in true sense gives away this message of eternal journey.