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mehta art gallery contest 2017

Mehta Art Gallery online Contest

Call for Artists:  Mehta Art Gallery Contest 2017, Online Art Contest

About the Contest:

Mehta Art Gallery is coming up with Mehta Art Gallery Contest 2017. We are searching for artists around the India that will amaze viewers with their creative visions and thoughts by their creations.

Kindly submit your artwork at our show. Our online contest looks for new and established artists that want to display their creations to the world. Continue reading


Painting Workshop: Punnu Lal Prajapati

Mehta Art Gallery, coming with a fabulous painting workshop on 25th of December, 2016, we created a team who finds creative people who have enormous character and still facing numerous difficulties in their life, our first finding is Artist: Punnu Lal Prajapati from Varanasi, a well and visionary artist. Don’t miss the chance and be the voice of his legendary journey.
Make them famous who deserves in reality. Join our move and lets achieve their dreams all together.
Venue: Mehta Art Gallery, front of Gramin Bank, Mahraulli, Varanasi-221108
For all details regarding participation call at: +91-9956518670

Punnu Lal Prajapatu

Blue Mountain,  25 X 50cm, oil on canvas copy

Padmini Mehta: Online Exhibition

Artist: Padmini Mehta

Artist: Padmini Mehta

Born and brought up in the blessed city of Varanasi, having grown up surrounded by images of holy Ganga, temples, grassy meadows, fidgety birds and towering trees, I’ve not lost communication with them even in the bustling metro, where now I live. Indeed these are the recurrent motifs in my paintings. I am always acutely aware that NATURE is a human heritage and I should show my gratitude as a conscientious human being. This I do through deft strokes of color .Color is the language I know and cultivated which  now speaks through my work a million words, but carry just one though- ‘HOLD US, FEEL US, DON’T LET US FADE AWAY’. Continue reading


Memoir by Artist: Vijay Kant Arya

Artist: Vijay Kant Arya

Artist: Vijay Kant Arya

Memoir by Artist: Vijay Kant Arya

 “Srijan” at Mehta Art Gallery, Banaras / 4th – 5th June / 2016

It all started with so much curiosity, innocent finding – efforts, inclination towards the arts and after all a tremendous passion when I entered the Mehta Art Gallery, situated in the  Varanasi. All the tiredness of scorching heat of the summer – journey by the typical train suddenly started washing out when I entered the gallery. Continue reading

Sanjay Halder online exhibition - Copy

Sanjay Halder: Online Exhibition

Artist: Sanjay Halder

Artist: Sanjay Halder

I work from my subconscious mind, daily life doesn’t appeal me very much; I tend to live in a world of my own.  My painting processes, is like a baby developing in the womb of its mother.  It takes all the nutrition by its own.  My paintings create themselves. I just help them to develop, Instinctively I know what it need, it develops while I paint.

My Subjects have no limitations; it is like I have a door opened to the Instinctive (primeval) mind. Continue reading

Impression 4

Online Exhibition: Sunder Gurjar

Artist: Sunder Gurjar

Artist: Sunder Gurjar

1974 Born in Nagda (M.P.)

I started my journey of art since childhood like many other artists. I come from a very small town “Nagda” from Malwa region in M.P. There is a beautiful tradition in Malwa, That during Shradh Paksh  ( A period where forefathers are paid tribute and remember) the walls of the houses are painted and decorated depicting the surroundings affairs. For this work natural materials like cow dung , glass pieces , flowers and petals etc. are used . Continue reading

Subrata Kar online exhibition

Subrata Kar: Online Exhibition


Artist: Subrata Kar

Background: BFA College Of Art, Tilak Marg, New Delhi, Working professional as Communication head, Community and Social Media.

Art Objective: Be a seller artist, I have been selling frequently to corporate on a commission basis, Set up a regular pipeline now. Have not exhibited anywhere, nor intend to in near future, I believe it creates more complications. Continue reading