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Valuable words

Satya Narayan (Founder and CEO of Career launcher and IWS) says: I am sure that the coming art exhibition in Mehta Art Gallery in Varanasi will provide a great platform to the participants from Nepal for interaction with India artists and art lovers. This is really a great initiative by Amit to make both country more closer through art and culture. I wish all success and convey my best wishes to the Amit for their sincere efforts and endeavor for hosting this significant event. I would also like to send my best wishes to all those participants are coming from Nepal for extending their full support in making this event a grand success.


Lenin Raghuvanshi ( Founder and CEO of PVCHR, Varanasi) says: “Relations between India and Nepal have traditionally been close since ancient times as a result of geographical location and common religious, linguistic and cultural identities that overlap the two countries. Our relations with Nepal have been cordial for centuries. With ‘Kathmandu to Kashi’: a cultural exchange art exhibition by Nepal artists, relationship of Nepal with Banaras in context of plural and inclusive culture has been reenergized and strengthened. Trust and affection between the people of the two countries have increased as a result. The Nepal-India relationship is based on the principles of peace and friendship, like respecting each other’s sovereignty, non-interference on each other’s internal matters and ensuring peaceful coexistence. Both countries have been respecting these principles. Congratulation all artists associated with initiative and a lot of wishes to Amit Kumar, MEHTA ART GALLERY, Benaras and Nepal Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) a grand artistic success”.


Rabindra Narayan Goshwami says: This is an excellent opportunity for the new talents to exhibit their work
And also for senior artists to show off. Amit is doing a great job towards promotion of art.


Bijay Biswaal (Indian Artist) says: Art lovers from India can expect a rare treat at MEHTA ART GALLERY, Benaras in collaboration with Nepal Academy of Fine Arts showcases the works of a group of leading artists from Nepal. Including some of my favorites whose work I have always admired over a period of time…. Come fall in love with art from across the friendliest border. Savor the incredible beauties of some fantastic Nepalese artists of international repute.. How I wish to be there to enjoy their art in flesh and blood. Nepalese art with a palette which is as fresh as a fresh layer of snow from the Himalayas.. !! Ethereal.. Majestic and pure, unalloyed art sure to tickle your artistic taste buds.. Here is wishing all my artist friends great foot falls and sold tags..congrats all and here is wishing Amit and NAFA a grand artistic success.. Cheers


Gustav Glandar says: Greetings to all artists and friends of Mehta Art Gallery! I hope all Nepali artists are safe and well. Congratulations Amit! I wish you much success in your projects.


Thomas Says: This is a welcome new enterprise and I think a new model for galleries… with an international reach and providing a new outlet for artists who formerly had none. Congratulations on this great new venture… I’m sure you will have a great success!


Nina says: Amit you are such inspiration for all of us. I am pleased to cooperate with you. Thank you for invite me to exhibit in Varanasi. I am honored and i am looking forward to our new projects!


David says: On the face of it, the Mehta Art Gallery sounds like any other gallery where art works are displayed and hopefully sold. Having followed the progress of the Mehta Art Gallery since its opening, I know it has become much more than an art gallery. One of the greatest treasures to be found there are the people – viewers, artists, the staff, and Amit especially. It’s been a singular vision that has relied on the cooperation of many. That’s the strength of Mehta Art Gallery – cooperation locally and internationally enhancing art and artists. Very proud of you, brother!


Vipresh Sharma says: Great job brother, you are the one of very few I know who live their love and passion without fearing for any odds. Keep going a really long way filled with lot many achievements and of course a fulfilled and inspiring life awaits you. All the best!


Giuseppe Alberto Regoli says: Magnificent in the project and in the choices! Congratulations this is expected to grow by transferring the artistic message to the world!

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